Frida The Brave Dog Is Honored with A Bronze Statute for Saving 12 Lives In Mexico Earthquake

As the American actor, Chris Evans said in his tweet, “What did we do to deserve dogs?”, I think we can all relate to this because it is true. Dogs have been the loyal company of men since the early cave days. They migrated alongside us, protected us, gave us company and remained loyal to this date.

To be specific, 8-year-old heroic Labrador-Retriever named Frida who works as a sniffer with the Mexican navy’s canine unit helped saved 12 lives in the aftermath of the 2017 Central Mexican Earthquake which took place on September 19. The earthquake registered a 7.1 magnitude and killed almost 400 people.


In honor of Frida’s act of bravery, statues of her and her trainer Israel Arauz were erected in Puebla City at a ceremony in the ecological park.

Frida was part of a 15-member team of canines who were deployed in detecting victims and survivors trapped in the rubble after the deadly quake. But out of all the canines, Frida was the most credited in getting the job done, therefore she became popular on social media and finally, after almost a year her bronze statue stands in her honor.


The plaque in front of the statues reads:

 “Memorable symbols of the strength Mexicans can have when we decide to come together for great causes.”


The lab seems to adore her bronze self, she sniffs and accepts the honor.