Girl with Huge Birthmark avoids Surgery And Inspires Others To Stand Against Bullying

In comparison to any other natural deformities, birthmarks are considered to be one of the less fatal marks that we humans have. Although there are some dangerous ones too, we seem to have learned to carry them rather easily. A uniquely beautiful girl Cassandra Naud from Vancouver, Canada has a distinctive birthmark on her face too. Her story is one that will inspire thousands who are like her.

Cassandra was born with this mark and has gone through many ups and downs because of it.

Her birthmark is a skin disorder called Becker’s nevus which is an irregular pigmentation that gradually grows bigger, darker and has hair on it. The area which is infected gets thicker and sometimes has an orangy-yellowish patch. The nevus is caused by the deep and overgrowth of the epidermis, pigment cells, and hair follicles.

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As she grew older, Cassandra was a victim of bullying.

We all know how a small and unique difference can affect the life of a child. Her friends who were also just young and ignorant as her, they obviously reacted in a certain way because they don’t understand it. The mocking and teasing just went on and on and that’s when Cassandra decided that she wanted to get rid of her birthmark.

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During high school, she pleaded with her parents to get her an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

After having numerous scans and discussion, the family came to a conclusion that they won’t pursue any form of surgery. One main reason was that the surgery will remove the whole skin of the area that has the mark which will leave a big scar on her face. This is due to the mark taking deep roots through the epidermis of the skin.