Girl Goes Viral On Twitter when She Proves The Real Facts about Vaccines And People Are Extremely Grateful

One of the bad habits that we all need to stop doing is ‘taking things for granted’. This trait needs to be eradicated. Haha, that’s funny because, ironically, we are discussing vaccines today. Get it? So, I was saying that we shouldn’t be taking things lightly especially when it comes to medical health care. Not all of us have the proper information or knowledge about medical science but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore the facts.

For example, the case about vaccinations and immunizations is that there are many deadly diseases that have been wiped out of our habitat. The important part is we take these vaccines to immune us from such viruses but these viruses are still there in the atmosphere, so it can come back within our colonies if we let our children stop taking vaccines just because these infections are eradicated for now.


This is exactly what a student named Taylor Sharp from Pittsburg, Pensylvania, was trying to make people aware of, in her meaningful Twitter thread.

Taylor just graduated her senior year and her paper was on vaccinations, so she wanted to share and shed some light on people who do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. It’s 2018, and this stuff is important, we should be aware of it by now!

All of them are deadly and serious; I think we all know that.

Yes, there are countries which still have these viruses lurking around.

You see, it can always come back if the barrier is not strong enough.