This Guy Photoshops Himself with Celebrities And It’s Exceptionally Funny

There’s so much that can be done with the amazing art that is photoshop. One simply cannot underestimate the god gifted technological advancement which has allowed us to stand beside our favorite celeb side by side through some simple airbrushing. You simply cannot let the tiny little detail of it not being reality get in the way.

So, whenever our boy Average Bob posts a hilarious photoshopped picture with celebrities on his Instagram feed, we all crack up nicely He breezes right into the pictures with them third-wheeling conveniently and making all of it look very normal.

There’s only one thing I can say before you start- the Carter family really loves having this guy around.


1. It’s Britney, biatch. You don’t mess with the queen or you pay the price.

2. Eminem is here to celebrate your birthday with his resting ‘I am here’ face. You got it right!

3. This iconic scene from Titanic has been retouched and now it’s even better.

4. Hold on, Ryan. We never knew you had two kids. How on Earth can you lie to us about it?