4 Gym Freaks show What Happens When You Eat Junk Food for A Week

Paige Modeste gained a few pounds and also had an issue with her skin after the diet.

She gained four centimeters around her mid waist. She explains, 

“I had no energy, my skin was spotty and itchy, I had a constant feeling of nausea and huge bags under my eyes. I felt terrible by the end of week one.” 


David Templer started losing his abs and also his skin was getting clammy.

He says,

“Physically I felt tired, found myself getting out of breath walking up a couple of flights of stairs, began to develop spotty skin and I started to put weight on. Mentally I felt demotivated and despite being a confident person, found myself doubting my decisions.”

Salon owner, Emma Taylor, explains how pizza and beer changed her in a week.

She says, 

“I was really lethargic and found I couldn’t concentrate. Even the simplest tasks became tricky. I also suffered from a lot of headaches.”

Now, we may all feel that these are just slight changes but the real problem is that this just happened over a week. Imagine if it continues for a month, like how fast these foods can break down a person’s physical and mental strength. Thank God, these four people followed in their old practice.

(Source: TheSun)