16 Helpless Boyfriends doing Everything for Insta Pics of their Demanding GFs

With a rather loving twist in the equation of a relationship, with girlfriends being the ultimate decider of everything (starting from where you guys will be eating your food to what you will be wearing), it’s understandable if the guy is lying on the middle of the road to click a stylish picture of his main lady.

Many men have walked that road or should I say lay on them so that their favorite girl can have a perfect Instagram picture. It takes a lot to make sure that happens in every context. No matter what they will have to do to make that happen. But these guys went an extra mile for assuring the same. They didn’t leave any stone unturned for making their girls happy and let’s just say two words – lucky girls!


1. He sat on his friend’s shoulder just for the right angle. Bravo man.


2. “Right there, baby. This will make you look taller and photogenic”.


3. Then people said – ‘That’s the most stunning trio’ and they kept on saying it forever.


4. Hanging on the edge of the pool like that can be dangerous. What if he falls inside it?

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