16 Hilarious Memes that Menfolk Probably won’t Laugh At

Being a woman is hard, the menfolk must think that it ain’t as hard as their lives. Well, that’s completely wrong. Let’s not talk about the stereotypical physical pain women go through like menstrual cramps and childbearing because that’s too touché anyway. Let’s focus on the underrated hardships that we ignore every day.

From not getting equal pay as men though we do the same amount of work, the pressure to always look our best, getting slammed for being too high maintenance and at the same time laughing at us for not being girly enough. And to top it off, here are some memes that men will find it hard to understand but all the women out there will laugh at.


1. This is the story of my life.

Not the One Direction song, people!


2. Either this or I just imagine there is a war going on down there.

The brutality helps in distracting the pain.


3. And imagine he cancels the plan.

It’s a rainforest from then on.


4. This is as real as it can get.

There is no topping that.