16 Hilarious Pics that’ll Raise Many Questions In Your Head

They say that “a picture can tell you a million stories”. Literally, this compilation we have for you will give you a chance to do that. It’s like no one needs a high IQ to understand these pictures because it really doesn’t make much difference. Every time you look at them, you’ll probably get a new explanation for it.

This can be an interesting experiment for all of us, like share it with your friends and families and see what they make of it. It will be a fun experience. Have fun with it and also test the brains of people you know, what more do you want from that, right? So, go ahead, scroll down!


1. Maybe it’s her first time refilling at the gas station.

Don’t let your man do everything, you don’t wanna end up looking stupid like this one here!


2. We have Flash from Zootopia waiting for you.

Great costume idea for a behind-the-desk kinda job.

I’m at the same office as the friend in at the DMV from funny

3. Okay, so you’re saying you like the view.

But where is the wifey though?

My wife is smokin’ hot so I picked the shower curtain. from funny

4. We need the answer, how did it transfer?

Did it have a transfer certificate?