Adorable Illustrations that Shows Us the Bits and Pieces of A Love-Story

The therapy time, you start confessing that you’ve been vulnerable and now someone exists out there who can easily hurt your feelings.

You get scared to let yourself loose because you don’t know if it’s worth it.

As sweet as he is, he brings food to your place to talk to you and make you feel better.

Woman! No more thinking, he is special.

After the food, they ended up playing games together.

Though she doesn’t know it now, from afar you can totally see that it was really worth it.

Months turn into years and even after having grandkids, he still brings her flowers every day.

Look at her cute face lighting up.

We all want our stories to end like that, but that really isn’t on our hands, or does it?

Anyways, all thanks to the artist for making such wonderful drawings. The story just flowed easily because the art is so real and amazing.

(Credit: Yaoyao Ma Van As)