19 Inspiring Moments from FIFA 2018 that Have Uplifted Our Hearts And Spirits

This year’s FIFA world championship has been a celebration of Football. Fans from all over the world gathered to support their teams and show the spirit of the game. There have been some amazing moments throughout the tournament which need to be mentioned here.

For instance, fans staying back at the stadium to clean it up after the match. We saw so many cultures coming together for the sake of this one amazing game.


1. A dream come true moment for this Iranian goalkeeper when he stopped penalty goal by Ronaldo. Dreams do come true if you work hard enough.

2. Ballerinas from Russian Bolshoi Ballet got together backstage to catch up on their team’s performance.

3. Off-air Panama commentators breaking down as they hear their national anthem being played in the world cup for the first time ever.

4. Senegal team win hearts with their dance move during the training.