Manager Got Fired For Posting A Threat about Punching Breastfeeding Mothers in Public

Advertising and modeling breast is okay, right? Objectifying them in public is okay, using them in a medical science fair is okay, but a mother feeding her child in public is not okay? How is that even making sense? This world and its people never stops amazing me in the stupidest ways.

Recently, a woman who is a mother of three named Carly Clark from Spartanburg, South Carolina was alleged howled by women and mothers on social media because she posted a stupid status on Facebook.


This is what she posted (I am rolling my eyes really hard).

“The next female that tries to whip her b**b out to breastfeed in front of my kids will get a black eye, move that baby bc [because] I’ll punch it too.”

In her defense, Carly says that she didn’t want her kids seeing another woman’s breast out in the open.

What could possibly go wrong even if her kids saw it? They’ll see that a woman is feeding her baby, meaning giving the baby energy and strength. That’s it!

Carly Clark

She really is digging her own grave by her statement.

If your kids are sensitive and might have thousands of questions when they see a breast, well as a mother it is your duty to explain it to them in the most natural way. What is the big deal?

Carly Clark

The woman works as a manager in a pet store called Petsense store in Graffney, South Carolina.

Angry mothers bombarded the store and questioned the company to fix this situation. The uproar was getting more and more intense as many other women saw her post.