Homophobic Mom withdraws Her Kids From A Gay Teacher’s Class, And His Response Shuts her Up

She contacted him on Facebook telling him that she cannot let her children be affected by any unconventional ideas. And also a man should only marry a woman.

Our guy very gracefully took on this lady asking her to screw herself in the most polite way possible.

He has her wrapped up in her subtle words.

We are impressed.

There is no space for bigotry in this world, lady. Someone should have told you that. We, as humans, are supposed to be accepting toward each other. That is the only attitude acceptable to us now. Spreading hatred and making someone feel inferior is not okay. Kudos to Michael for standing up to this woman and showing him who is the boss.

I hope she has learned her lesson and from now onwards will think, at least, a hundred times before doing something of this sort. Do you guys support Michael in this? Please, let us know in the comment section. He will be happy to have your support.

(h/t: Good)