Mother Shares Cautionary Story of How New Washing Machine Almost Drowned her Infant

With the advance in our technology that we use every day in our houses that makes life so much easier comes with a pack of pros and cons. No matter how good a product is, there’s always a flaw. In a recent news about a young mother falling into the trap of something which could’ve been a tragedy surfaced on the internet and you’d be likely to hear this one out.

So, the story begins when the parents of three kids, Lindsey McIver and her husband Alan Mclver from Conifer, Colorado brought a new front loader washer home to substitute their old and worn out top-loader washing machine.

Lindsey Mclver

As all normal parents would, the couple warned their kids to stay away from the machine and not play with it.

Lindsey says, “We told them several times that they were not to touch it. They all replied ‘OK.'”

Lindsey Mclver

After two days of the installation, on July 10th, 2018 the dreaded accident that would break any parent into pieces happened to the Mclver family.

The couple was still asleep when their 4-year-old son Jace came running to their bedroom crying and panicked. He could barely speak, and the words that came out of his mouth were, “Kloe. Inside. Washer.” 


As soon as they got ahold of what Jace was saying, Alan, rushed to the laundry room to rescue his daughter.

Lindsey explains that Kloe might have climbed inside the washer and her brother Jace shut the door and turned on the buttons, thereby starting the machine.