16 Images proving “Nothing Is More Permanent than A Temporary Solution”

Are you among those people who are always up for a quick fix? If you are, that’s okay because these days everyone has their own plot twist on fixing and repairing broken things. For example, take these people I’m gonna show you in the list below. All of them have one thing in common, and that is coming up with the craziest ideas but effective ones on the go. It may not work on a normal basis, but normal is overrated, isn’t it?

So, here are the pictures. You gotta see them, enough rattling, even the rattlesnake is dead by now. All of these temporary fixes have high chances of coming in need someday. Go ahead, take a look and get creative too! It’s never too late for some craziness.


1. The roommate fixes the hole by putting a poster of a man.

Creepiest one ever.


2. The dopest phone stand you can find.

Now, you can plug it in with no worries.


3. Just change the letter and you’re good to go.

That was an easy trick.


4. This is the marble design of the bathroom floor.

Somebody is not doing good at their job.