16 People who Might Be Lazy but At Least They’re Smart

We, humans, have been hardwired to be as lazy as possible. You wanna know why? Well, that’s because laziness is what drives us to be innovative. If we stop for a second and think about all the amazing things that were a product of our desire to not do the hard work you will be astonished. Microwaves, automobiles, dry shampoos, spellchecks – all are the examples of them.

Hence, when you go through this gallery, don’t for one second think that these people are a useless piece of art. In fact, you might be looking at the future inventors of something great. For what it’s worth, you might even get to be a part of it.


1. I repeat, they are geniuses in disguise of lazed up humans. They know what’s up and they know how to tackle the problem at hand.


2. Wondering what this is? Well, it’s a Christmas tree in all its glory.


3. Someone created this to clean up the washroom tiles.


4. Just a normal day starting with a very normal breakfast.