19 Genius People who will Make you Jealous of Their Smartness

Often, it is the situation we are being placed in that shape us into the person we become. All the good and bad times we had made us who we are today. If you come across a person who is strong even when bad days hit them hard, you know that they’ve been through this multiple times. And also, if you know someone who is so good at coping with certain accidents in the house or maybe they’re a pro at solving quick and easy solutions, let me tell you, this is a practice they’ve been nailing at since childhood.

So, all the smart and genius ideas came from a mindset that believes things can be simpler and easier if we thought of it in a certain way. Maybe laziness and other mediums were also responsible for it. Anyways, we love these ideas so we collected them from the internet and here they are. Enjoy!


1. Since when did real estate start believing in the Italian heaven (Pizza)?

If it’s your weakness, you might need to buy this house.


2. I think every college student staying in a different city knows this.

And also their class percentage says it all.


3. Wow! Okay, now this is how you kill some time, professionally.

He has everything he needs.


4. I mean, this is a little over the top but makes sense though.

No more cheesy fingers.