16 People Who wore the badge of Dumbness with Pride

Over the past decade, there are many words that kinda have evolved and transformed. Though their meanings stay true to themselves, there are new words that have substituted them. But the thing is, these ‘new words’ already exist in our dictionaries with proper meanings. Even then, we still use them to express other things that are a little extreme to use in public. One great example is ‘Stupid’ which we now mainly refer to as ‘Dumb’.

The word ‘dumb’ means something totally different which you’ll find if you google it. Maybe, the change in our pop-culture made it an inevitable transformation. And by calling a person dumb it doesn’t hurt them as much as calling them stupid. So, I guess it works that way! Anyway, to support these two words we have some pictures that will do them justice. Call it dumb or stupid, that’s your choice!


1. Catcalling on the bus like a professional.

That kitty is so cute though!


2. Should I talk about the pant-boots or the inverted newspaper?

Keep thinking and let me know, okay!?


3. Time to pretend you’re blind and someone took your stick.

Let’s check out the acting skills.


4. Will do anything to be funny, just about anything!

I wonder how old is that sock, though!