Drama-Filled Pics To Dust Off the Laziness From Your Shoulder

There comes a time when you don’t feel like doing anything but just veg out. You know, like just lay flat and not move at all, just like vegetables. You might have a million options, like go hang out with your friends, watch Netflix, workout or cook some delicious food but nope! You are as lazy as a sloth and all you want is time to pass and get done with it so that you can start a new fresh day.

In times like that, remember us. We will provide you with content that will keep your mind busy without having to move a millimeter. Isn’t that just wonderful and convenient? See, I knew that this relationship of us would be very strong. We are now officially pals of boredom. Hail to laziness and let’s welcome the 5 mins of drama and laughter.


1. Who do you think won?

I’m gonna need my eye-drop for this.

Staring contest from ProtectAndServe

2. I mean, that’s probably gonna happen very soon.

Patiently waiting for the apocalypse.


3. What in the world can be inside this box?

Oh, wait! It says Jurassic World, makes sense now.


4. Even Pamela Anderson wouldn’t do that.

But whatever makes you happy, lady.

She has ACTUALLY done what I think she has done…. from pics