16 Priceless Life Hacks that Literally Made People’s Life Easier

5. The easiest way to shoo away flies.

They won’t bother you anymore.

Fruit fly infestation? Pour vinegar and a tiny bit of dish soap in a shallow dish/bowl and watch the little jerks drown. from lifehacks

6. Is this how they fold shirts in factories too?

He is nailing this technique.

7. Such a perfect fit of the dust collector.

It looks like it was made for it.

Drained my water heater and the hose I used was just a little short of the drain from lifehacks

8. Yes, they do roll over when it’s only one skewer.

But that’s not gonna happen anymore.

Grilling meat on a skewer? Use two skewers so they don’t turn back once you flip them. from lifehacks