16 Priceless Life Hacks that Literally Made People’s Life Easier

13. Yes, say goodbye to accidentally pouring too much soy.

This is so simple but never came to mind before.

Make a small slit on the seal with a knife instead of opening up all the way. Prevents pouring too much into your rice. from lifehacks

14. In times of desperation, anything is possible.

Not letting the wine go to waste.

No corkscrew? I gotchu, comrades! from lifehacks

15. These two are the super parents of humanity.

The kids aren’t getting away easily.

Spotted pro parent in airport with attached car seat to suitcase from lifehacks

16. For all the brides out there, this one is for all of you.

The dress is not getting wet no matter what.

How to use the bathroom while wearing a big wedding dress. from lifehacks