17 Rule-Breakers who Made It So Tempting and Funny

Raise your eyebrows if you’ve met people who always do things on their terms. Both eyebrows? Okay! Now stretch your forehead if you’re the said person. Haha, you raised them again, didn’t you? Gotcha! The thing is we all have a certain itch inside us that makes us break rules and regulations sometimes. It’s okay, it does not make us a dangerous criminal.

Anyways, there are people who do this on regular terms, like they will do whatever the heck they what whenever they please. And following rules is just not in their genes. You may call them savage but I think they just have a problem of “listening” and “following”. If it was treated as a disease maybe people would take it seriously and find a cure? Well, let’s hope for the best and in the meantime celebrate their savagery.


1. This is called proper self-knowledge.

She knows what she likes and how she wants it.


2. “Nobody can tell me what to eat and what not to”.

This guy doesn’t like to be told what to do.


3. She is already breaking the law at such a young age.

The savage kid she is.


4. She can’t keep her hands to herself.

She also loves Selena Gomez a lot.