This Stranger’s Act of Kindness towards A Struggling Single Mom is Truly Inspiring for Everyone

Being a single parent in this tough world can be a hard job. Plus, meeting every need of your kid isn’t the easiest thing there is. One has to struggle so much to make ends meet. But when an unknown person more than willing to help you out with small things knocks at your door, you will be taken aback. That is exactly what happened with this person.

As a single mother, she was having trouble making sure that all the financial requirements of her child are fulfilled. Let’s be honest for a moment, doing everything yourself isn’t as smooth as people think it is. There are tens of bills one needs to pay and then, there is your kid who has needs of his own. Hence, when a stranger texted her saying that she wants to help her with supplies for her kid, our girl was taken aback.


This anonymous person texted her randomly.

“This woman messaged me. She found me in a mom group, I’ve posted here for advice a few times. I didn’t know her at all”.

Helping out two single mothers is quite a good deed, isn’t it?

There were a few conditions, though.


Quite something for a conversation. It will make your heart feel something.