16 Striking Things that Look Wonderful In Their Own Way

Destiny has a way of making things happen. After traveling the entire world, you’d think now I have seen everything. However, the answer is nope. You cannot see everything as long as a power high above is there with so many tricks up their sleeve, you will be pleasantly surprised by so many things.

May it be a dragon erupting from the flames or a skull formed by a droplet of water – the size of the magic trick (Yes, we are calling it magic) doesn’t actually matter. All that matters is how taken aback you are by the occurrence of it. So let’s get started with this compilation and give our regards to luck for being so darn amazing.


1. The flames make an illusion of a dragon. How very creative of the flames.


2. Thanks to its shadow this staircase appears as if it is infinite.


3. This is a map of house numbers and streets.

Whoever did this deserves a medal for creativity.


4. A water drop fell on the wallet from the AC and made a skull.

Everything and everyone is an artist these days.