This Teacher’s Honest Post on Mental Abuse By Parents is Raving on The Internet

Another torn book with no covers whatsoever.

Nothing is in place, this is not right at all.

In an update at the post, Julie also apologized saying that she didn’t mean to offend anyone as not all parents or students are mean or rude.

She says that there are some who are very kind and humble. She didn’t wanna let them down and in fact, she was speaking for them as well since a few wretched beings can bring down the whole system.

Julie also sparked the idea that, the education system in America needs a change and that people need to see and react such actions so that the world can be a greater place for children to learn and teachers to teach in peace and balance.

Here are some of the comments from her post by people who supported her voice.

“This is exactly why my wife walked away from finishing her teaching degree. You’ll have my respect if you take a stand and tell your administration that you aren’t coming back tomorrow or ever again. Someone has to draw the line and start making the statement that spineless administrators are going to have to stop kissing entitled parents asses”.

“I’m with you girl. You read my mind. I was in the exact same shoes yesterday. I left in tears too and most kids saw me. Many of them were sympathetic but some cheered and said they were happy i was leaving as I walked by crying. I, like you, spend about 20 hours outside my contract time a week doing everything I can to be the best teacher possible and spend hundreds of dollars out of my own pocket every year to have the supplies I need to give these kids the best educational experience possible,” posted another. “I thought I could make it another 7 weeks. But after yesterday I’m not sure. I’m taking today and tomorrow off to figure out my options. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Please do the same for me!”

We appreciate that Julie put her story out for people to see the truth they ignore, her post has been shared 350,000 times and everyone knows why. Let’s hope the changes are made, not in the future but right now, in the present.

(credit: Julie Marburger) (h/t: someecards)