“Then And Now” Pics of Cities showing How Far We’ve Come

Have you ever wondered what would things look like say 40 years from now? Wouldn’t you often find yourself amused at your old family photographs, scrutinizing the minute details and losing yourself in the great history of the time? It’s a wonderful feeling…isn’t it? Things change with time and when this transformation is captured through a lens, the result is nothing but pure gold! Here’s an interesting compilation of ‘then and now’ photographs of some of the most famous places from around the world. Take a look!


1. In the ghostly town of Nowomiejska Street in Lodz, Poland, chickens still roamed the streets in 1874. In 2016, they seem to have been replaced by cars.

Then (1874)

Now (2016)



2. A comparison of the ‘then and now’ photographs of Frauenkirche Dresden, Germany, which was destroyed completely in World War II.

Then (1897)

Now (2010)

3. The ‘then and now’ of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., looks strikingly different in the present picture with well-furnished roads. A clear look of the Capitol Building of the United States, and relatively few modern cars.

Then (1900)

Now (2013)

4. This is a recreation of the famous painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is said that the recreation was rendered by the descendants of leaders in the painting.


Now (2017)