16 Tiny Details of Common Objects that You’ll Find Interesting

5. The purpose of tassels in a loafer.

Shoemaker Nils Tveranger made this shoe inspired by Norwegian fishermen footwear. The tassels purpose was to tighten the shoe around the foot. Later on, it just became a part of the design.


6. This is the reason why baguettes have cuts on them.

Most people believe that the cuts prevent from the bread getting cracked inside the oven. Some also say it’s just an aesthetic tradition of the past.


7. The reason behind the Qwerty Keyboard arrangements.

In the olden days, typewriters had alphabetically ordered keys. But when the writers typed too fast the keys got jammed. So they placed the keys in this form so that it would slow down the typists.


8. The black dot in the back of an iPhone between the camera and the flashlight.

It is actually a noise-canceling microphone, especially used to filter unwanted background noises.