16 Tiny Details of Common Objects that You’ll Find Interesting

9. Ice creams were served in waffles cones after this reason.

During the 19th century, ice cream was sold in reusable glasses. But during hot summer days, there were not enough glasses for a huge crowd. That’s when a waffle seller made a quick cone and offered the ice cream vendor.

Linda Spashett/wikimedia  Publicdomain/pxhere

10. The two holes present at the side of converse shoes.

They are the air vent of the shoe that prevents the feet from getting sweaty.


11. The 4 digit pin code of an ATM card.

James Goodfellow, the inventor of the PIN code first came up with a 6 digit code for the safety of personal bank accounts. Due to his wife’s complaint that it was too long, he shortened it into 4 digits.


12. So this is how the shape of the pretzel was formed.

It is believed that the pretzel was created by a monk who made it in the shape of praying hands. And the Franciscan monks were known to pray by folding their hands crossed on their shoulders.

Gerard David/wikimedia  Gellinger/pixabay