14 Comical Tweets of Having Deep Crushes and Getting Crushed

Having that someone to look at and get all nervous and giddy is a sensational feeling, right? Yes, I am talking about ‘crushes’. The unattainable intense infatuation for someone we desire secretly. We all have them, and it moves on from one individual to the other. The one aspect I like about having a crush is knowing the fact that we can’t have them but we’re still mesmerized by them and not getting into any serious trouble. It’s actually a good kind of attraction between genders.

We can all relate to each other when it comes to having crushes, so here we brought you some tweets that are the best memes for crushing on someone really hard. They’re funny and to the point. I don’t think you’ll deny any of these instances unless you’re an alien.


1. The moment of regret that will scar you forever in history.

But then again, you got something good to laugh at in the future.

2. The extraness to make them see you exist.

Yeah, don’t do this, it’s creepy as hell.

3. The minute you see them you go from looking cute to awkward in a sec.

And that’s how they shoo away from you.

4. All that makeup and time you consumed, gone in the trash!

After a minute, “Okay, this eye-shadow for tomorrow, he likes purple I know!”