Adorable Two-Faced Kitty is Ruling our Hearts without Even A Purr

Having two faces is generally considered to be a bad thing. With hypocrisy being a dominating implication of that, no one wants to be attached to the cruel notion of having two faces. However, when you are a cute ball of fur like Yana, being connected to having two faces is really not as despicable as one might think it to be.

So if your name is not Yana, being hypocritical is not very becoming. You should probably stop right about now.

Meet the cutest ball of fur (arguably) existing among the human race- Yana.

This cat was left homeless two years ago. She posed in an adorable classified paper and quickly found a new human for herself.

At this moment, she is living with Elizabeth who is an architect and design student from Orsha, Belarus and is currently studying at the National Technical University in Minsk.