24 Unapologetic Illustrations that Gives us a Loud Definition of Our Society

One thing I don’t get about the human race is that, even though we know what can hurt us and exploit us, we still go ahead and participate in all of them. Why do we walk in into such traps knowing that it’ll befall us? The only answer I can give you is, maybe we were made in a way that we are naturally attracted to our negative traits. To fight the fight we do need a battleground. And maybe this is how we get our battleground.

Art and it’s various branches is a gift to mankind because it is the universal language that can show us anything from crude to it’s defined nature. Either it is politics, social media, war, family crisis, business, etc. There is no category that art can’t swallow. So, here are some of the best illustrations that outline our society in bright red.


1. The mirror of illusion, that is what social media is.

We know but we still fall for it.


2. Walk swiftly because social media bite is deep and painful.

There is no other way of crossing.


3. They are the true heroes who stories need to be told.

People deserve to know their earthly saviours.


4. I keep asking this again and again, has romance died?

I guess we don’t even have time to figure it out.