16 Unexpected & Weird Things that Ever Took Place In Stores

From a two-faced dog to the infinite world of Harry Potter, if you say anything is impossible, you are probably an amateur at this game. We are here to live and enjoy our life to the maximum and we have to be unapologetic about it as well – just like these people.

They are the ones you randomly stumble upon while visiting a store. They are there in all their glory with probably a glass of wine and a hen on its leash to tell you off. So come on, let’s go through this gallery together and see what exactly was happening in these stores.


1. The dustbin on her head really puts things into perspective. She looks really great now.


2. “I met this gentleman at the grocery store today and asked if I could take a photo of him”.


3. In case there were not enough couple goals already, here are some more for you.


4. Ever seen such a welcoming pair of grannies in your life?