20 Unreasonable Acts by People that Somehow Ended Up Being Funny

If you keep serving the Internet and keep jumping from one topic to another, you’ll probably end up in one of the weirdest articles, not because you plan to but just out of curiosity and interest. It happens to me every single night, and that is how I waste my time. And yes, I know you’re not so proud of this bad habit either, we are all enslaved by it, unfortunately. But what can we do? It’s very addictive, right? It’s like even if your eyes are dead red, you’d still crave for more.

Anyways we have good news for ya’ll. This time around you wouldn’t have to do the digging anymore because we already made a list of pictures where you’ll mostly wanna cry and laugh at the same time and no, it’s not pretty I’m telling you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! So why are you still reading my intro? Go ahead and scroll down.


1. “Catch me outside how about that?”.

Remember this girl from the Dr. Phill show?

How ‘bou dah? from trashy

2. What was he actually going for?

The mask man tattoo?

This might actually be the worst face tattoo I’ve ever seen from trashy

3. Thanks for sharing the recipe, though.

As long as there is whipped cream, it’s alright.


4. That’s a sunscreen, not a deodorant.

This why you gotta read the words written on it.

For a week I’ve been trashing this free deodorant…I just figured it out. 🤦🏾‍♂️ from funny